Gel balm filling capping machine

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MIC Export to Thailand automatic gel balm filling capping machine for glass jar

Project location: Thailand

Cosmetics, light industry (daily chemical industry), pharmaceutical, food and other industries, for enterprise products selected plastic bottles, glass bottles for packaging containers, the device can cream, ointment, cream, gel or viscous fluid The equipment is divided into a turntable into the bottle, automatic lift filling, automatic pre-spin cover, servo capping, a few bottles, such as the operation of the bottle into the bottle, filling the bottle, filling the bottle, and then the bottle capping operation.
Into the bottle way: by the artificial bottle to be filled into the hopper hopper, with the operation of the equipment in order to enhance the bottle.
Bottle detection: the photoelectric sensor detects whether there is an empty bottle on the main turntable, and sends the detection signal into the control computer to control the filling of the bottle, without bottle filling.
Filling function: If the front has detected a bottle, no bottle is not filling, PLC control filling mouth into the bottle for filling.
Load cover device: automatic load cover, high efficiency and more stable.
Capping: detection of a cover, this capping head will dive down and fix the bottle position to cap, very stable and with low noise.
Bottle outlet: at the last, capped bottles come out at the conveyor belt, and
you can enter the next process.

Features & Benefits:
a). When the machine filling material, and use pump dedicated Teflon pipe.
b). This machine adopt plunger piston pump filling, filling volume and filling speed adjust is convenient.
c). Filling head’s assembly easy disassemble, easy cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.
d). This machine adopt lifting filling, filling head can insert the bottle, to ensure the effective filling materials.
f). Adopt the servo motor controlled screw cap, screwing cap speed and Twisting force of capping can be adjusted in touch screen directly.
J). all machine use stainless steel.
h). PLC control machine automatically,
i). With fault alarm, Mechanical overload automatic stopping device.
j). Protect cover is optional

Volume : 20ml,50ml,100ml glass jar with plastic cap

Completion: 2018

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