Vacuum homogenization emulsifier is a complete system of mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying and absorbing powder in one, with electronic control system.

1. also with external oil, water tank, vacuum, heating / cooling system The Is the production of medicinal ointment, high-grade cream, lotion and other special equipment.
In the manufacturing process of highly viscous emulsions, especially creams, ointments, and emulsions,
2. it is usually the most problematic that the particle size of the dispersed phase is large and the air is mixed into the product during agitation, and the particle size is too large to cause the milk to become unstable , Lack of luster; products mixed with air will make the product bubble, bacterial contamination, easy oxidation and appearance is not smooth.
3. For the two major problems, ZJR series of vacuum homogenization emulsification unit, by the homogeneous mixer, the central blade mixing, scraping wall mixing each have their own characteristics complement each other, combined into the best mixing method to achieve the perfect mixture.
4. Suitable to food, Chemical industry. Cosmetic Raw materials production and processing.

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