Whisky filling capping machine for glass bottle
Whisky filling capping machine for glass bottle
Whisky filling capping machine for glass bottle
Whisky filling capping machine for glass bottle
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MIC 18-18-6 It is applicable for glass bottle filling capping machine for whisky, alcohol drinks and spirit. (if need hot filling temperature at 85-90 degree)

Adopt products: whisky ,alcohol drinks, spirit, chivas, liquor, vodka, vinegar, soy sauce etc liquid products.

Machine working principle:

1. Negative pressure filling(slightly), controled by pressure, accuracy is +/-1%,liquid level difference is not more than 4-5mm(cause bottle has difference when it produced). easy adjustmeant on liquid level.

2. Glass bottle capping machine is qualified for Chinese capping standard, and no air leakage at all, machine capping rate is 99.5%.

3. About oxygen content, we have device nitrogen filling for replace air.

4. About gems sterilizing, we could use bottle invertor for the cap, and pasteurization for juice, hot filling for can. and sterilizing tunnel (with cooling spray) for second steilizing and cool off.

3. Aluminum cap and crown cap are ok problem working on our capping machine(different capping head), We use our own technical drawing and own processing machine, to make sure our capping head quality and always easy to purchase.

4. If bottle stock on conveyor sensor will inform PLC to stop at the feeding part.

5. About machine automation, we are able to do what client required.

6. About machine test and shipment, we are stick with real production test till all problem is fix and then ship out.

7. Consider of product various ability, we are able to make machine for replace air from the can package.

For this production line you might be interested in:

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4> Liquid level detective machine

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7> CIP cleaning system

8> Pasteurization, inventor and sterilizing tunnel.

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DGF18-18-6 triple machine washing, filling and capping in one, is on the base of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology.

It is mainly used for soft drinks, juice, wine and other beverages without gas washing bottle, filling and capping. Its structure is advanced, stable, reliable, safe operation, convenient maintenance, the use of frequency conversion speed control, high production efficiency, is the ideal equipment for small and medium sized beverage factory.
The production process of the machine are as follows: conveyor chain and triple a machine directly connected, bottles by conveyor chain through a screw into bottle shifting wheel by shifting the bottle star wheel transfer to three synthetic filling machine, into the filling machine of the bottle by retaining the bottom of the bottle holder.
The whole machine equipment adopts a closed window, and the sealing window height is higher than the highest point of the equipment, and there is a proper passage in the bottle.

Model MIC-18-18-6
Washing heads 18pcs
Filling heads 18pcs
Capping heads 6pcs
Volume 0.1-1.5L
Production capacity 3000-8000bottle/hr base on 500ml
Filling method Normal pressure
Power 2.5kw  380V/50HZ(According to customer)
Air pressure 0.7Mpa
Gas consumption 0.8m³/min
Water consumption for bottle washing 0.5-1T/H
Washing time 1.5s~2s
Wash bottle water pressure 0.2~0.25 Mpa
Weight 4500kg
Dimension 3000×1800×2500mm
Electrical configuration
Touch screen DELTA
Frequency converter MITSUBISHI
Contactor, breaker DELIXI
Proximity switch DELIXI
Photoelectric switch DELIXI
Bearing Harbin
Barometer AirTAC
Air cylinder AirTAC
Solenoid valve AirTAC
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