Cold Juice Filling Capping Machine
  • Introduction
  • Technical parameter
  • Configuration list
The machine is a kind of professional hot filling machine for orange juice, apple juice and other hot filling beverage which applies to PET bottle.
It is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel. Main components are processed precisely by CNC machine tool. The machine adopts advanced photo electricity to detect running status. No bottle no filling. It realize man-machine conversation because of applying touch screen for operation
1) Bottle is entered by air conveyor, the speed of bottle entering is fast and bottle shape isn’t changed because of adopting hanging clamping bottleneck way
2) Adopting clamping bottleneck way to wash bottle mouth and avoid touching screw mouth, adopting clamping bottleneck way in the whole conveying process. When bottle type changes, you need to change the board related with bottle diameter
3) Filling adopts cylinder feeding structure, filling valve adopts high filling speed and mass flow rate valve which control liquids level accurately and without loss.
4) Screw capper adopts French advanced technology which cans screw cap promptly when clamping bottle.
5) The PLC and transducer are chosen from international famous brand, such as OMRON, MITSUBISHI and so on

Technical parameter
Capacity 8000-10000b/h(500ml)
Filling volume 200ml-2000ml (standard filling) Can be adjusted
Filling material Juice
Standard bottles PET bottle,
Diameter of bottle: Φ50~Φ110mm
Height of bottle: 150-320mm
Filling: hot filling under constant pressure
Filling temperature 87+-5℃
Compressed air pressure 0.3-0.7 M pa
Rinsing water pressure 0.2-0.25 M pa
Rinsing water Aseptic water
Total power consumption 7kw
Power 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase(according to customer’s requirement)
Suitable cap standard plastic cap with screw thread
overall dimensions 3000x2200x2300mm
weight 5500 kg
No. Name Brands
1 Frequency converter Siemens Germany
2 PLC Siemens Japan
3 Touch screen Siemens orTaiwan Germany orTaiwan
4 Contactor Siemens Germany
5 Thermal relay Siemens Germany
6 Air switch Schneider France
7 Proximity switch OMRON Japan
8 The photoelectric switch OMRON Japan
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