Before Sales:
We are committed:
1.Make sure all machine features, pros and cons are confirmed with company head tech chief and will be fully accomplished
2.Make sure no over sell machine function and use life, trying our best to full fill production dates
3.Make sure always listening client requires before have conclusion, trying our best get clients requires accomplished.

Before Production:

1.Production sheet as contract recheck with client

2.Production sheet for workshop technician check and produce

3.Confirm order modify and production time with tech chief

During Production:

1.Keep client production situation updated
2.Keep honest with machine process steps, problems

3.Be ready and be real for final machine test in factory, give good machine test for client

1.All the machine ship from MICMACHINERY, we guarantee at least 18 months from shipment dates, free shipping and free parts (not damaged by human factor)
2.All the machine from MICMACHINERY, we are obligated and happy to serve you (99% is free service)
3.All the machine from MICMACHINERY, we have online trouble shooting, reply with words picture and videos (solve the problem)

4.All the turnkey project from MICMACHINERY, we have site installation service, you can book our installation team as your time, but needs to meet both parts epidemic prevention policy.

Finished Production and test:
1.All the machine we have parts drawing made, for precision mechanical parts and easy for client to get spare parts
2.All the machine we have correct electrical drawing and detailed English subtitled video for indicate how to adjust machine
3.All the machine is strictly test as client requires or production sheet, shows client with no editing video long video as long as we have enough samples
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