MIC Powder Bottle Filling Machine (30-70Bottles/m)
MIC Powder Bottle Filling Machine (30-70Bottles/m)
MIC Powder Bottle Filling Machine (30-70Bottles/m)
MIC Powder Bottle Filling Machine (30-70Bottles/m)
Elevating Precision: Exploring the Performance of One-Head Linear Powder Filling Machine
In the realm of powder packaging, precision and efficiency are paramount for maintaining product integrity and operational productivity. The One-Head Linear Powder Filling Machine stands as a reliable solution, offering accurate and consistent filling for various powdered products. Let's delve into how this equipment optimizes performance, focusing on its role as a powder bottle filling machine, powder filling machine, and powder filler.

Maximizing Performance with One-Head Linear Powder Filling Machine
Accurate Powder Filling: The One-Head Linear Powder Filling Machine ensures precise and controlled filling of powder into bottles or containers. With its single-head configuration, this equipment allows for meticulous monitoring and adjustment, resulting in consistent and accurate filling levels.

Efficient Powder Packaging: Serving as a powder bottle filling machine, this equipment efficiently fills powder into bottles with precision. Its linear design facilitates smooth and continuous filling operations, minimizing downtime and maximizing production output.

Reliable Powder Filler: As a powder filler, the One-Head Linear Powder Filling Machine excels in both accuracy and efficiency. Its advanced filling mechanism guarantees uniform filling of powder, ensuring product consistency and minimizing wastage.

Serving as a Powder Filling Machine, Powder Bottle Filling Machine, and Powder Filler
Powder Filling Machine: Functioning primarily as a powder filling machine, this equipment accurately dispenses powdered products into bottles or containers. Its linear design allows for precise control over the filling process, optimizing product consistency and reducing product loss.

Powder Bottle Filling Machine: The One-Head Linear Powder Filling Machine serves as a dedicated powder bottle filling machine, efficiently filling powder into bottles of various sizes. Its streamlined operation ensures seamless integration into existing production lines, enhancing overall efficiency.

Powder Filler: Excelling as a powder filler, this equipment ensures reliable and consistent filling of powder into containers. Its single-head design allows for meticulous monitoring and adjustment, resulting in precise filling levels and minimizing product waste.

The One-Head Linear Powder Filling Machine represents a fusion of precision, efficiency, and reliability in powder packaging. Whether serving as a powder bottle filling machine, powder filling machine, or powder filler, it plays a crucial role in optimizing operations and maintaining product quality. By investing in this advanced equipment, manufacturers can enhance productivity, reduce waste, and meet customer demands with confidence.

Brief Introduction

1. The machine appearance in addition to the motor the rest are stainless steel; Composite transparent material box, easy unpick and wash without tools.

2. Adopts servo (or step) motor drive screw, is not easy to wear, accurate positioning, rotational speed can be set, and the advantages of stable performance.

3. Adopt PLC control, has the stable work, anti-jamming, high weighing precision, etc.

4. Touch screen clearly shows the working state, operating instructions in English and Chinese, fault status and production statistics, operation simple and intuitive.

5. Formula can store a variety of products to adjust parameters, for later use, store up to 10 formula.

6. Replace screw attachments, can adapt to superfine powder to small particles, and other materials

7. Installation of centrifugal device for liquid material to ensure accuracy

8. For more material can be installed dust collection device is dust and suck the dust.

This machine is an economic applicable powder and small particles automatic filling machine, can complete automatically locate the bottle, filling and metering etc, this machine is composed of a filling head and a chain plate conveyor belt and a positioning device, servo (or step) motors, PLC and touch screen control, simple operation, high stability.

To unscramble bottle machine, screw cap machine, labeling machine, etc of a complete set of filling line. Suitable for packing powder and small granular materials, such as powder, small granules drugs, veterinary medicine, glucose, seasoning, solid beverage, carbon powder, talcum powder, pesticide, etc

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Filling Volume

10g-100g ( need change the screw)



Filling Precision


Power Supply


Compressed air pressure


Filling way

Metering screw filling

Air consumption



1.2 Kw


200 kg


2000×850×1850 mm

Touch Screen

Weinview Taiwan


Sick Germany

Air cylinder

Airtac Taiwan

PLC Program

Mitsubishi Japan

Frequency Converter

Schneider France

Electrical components

Omron Japan

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